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Articles by Ralph Bovitz, CPA, PFS have appeared in a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Daily Journal, the California Society of CPA's monthly Bulletin and Outlook magazine and periodic newsletters.

The Los Angeles Daily Journal is a newspaper serving the legal community since 1888. Although Daily Journal articles are addressed to attorneys, much of the information in the articles has general application.

Caution: The information contained in these articles is for general use. While we believe all information to be reliable and accurate, it is important to remember individual situations may be entirely different. Therefore, information should be relied upon only when coordinated with professional tax, legal and financial advice.

Select from the following subjects, organized alphabetically:

Cash Management

Bank Fraud       

Disability Insurance

Disability is a Bigger Risk than Death

Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning - 101

Education Funding

Saving for College Just Got Easier and Tax Friendly

Insurance (Risk Management)

Overlooked Features of Insurance to Protect Your Investments

When Your Medicare HMO Stops Participating

Investment Planning

Investment Planning and Your Risk Tolerance

Buy Low, Sell High - A How To

IRA Beneficiary Designation Forms

Investing - Some Fundamentals

Retirement Planning

How Much Do I Need to Retire

Planning Not to Work

Making the Money Last in Retirement

Tax Planning

Looking at this Year's Tax Deadline and Beyond

Surprise! It's Tax Time Again

Harvesting Tax Losses

Women and Financial Planning

For Women Attorneys Only

Does Your Sex Affect Investment and Financial Success




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