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Ingredients for Financial Independence

The key to building financial independence and security is careful planning in a variety of areas:

Cash Flow Management

Do you need guidance in learning where your money went?  Do you have too many credit cards?  Are credit card balances overwhelming you?  Are you saving for retirement and financial independence?

Education Funding

Do you have young children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews that you wish to assist with their education?  Are you worried about the Porsche syndrome when it comes to money set-aside for education?  Have you considered a section 529 plan?

ElderCare Planning

Do you have elderly loved-ones in need of assistance with:  paying their bills; keeping records of their bank deposits or even making their bank deposits; or, reconciling their bank accounts?  Have you determined their ability to support themselves with their assets?  Would you like someone to help take the burden of accounting, tax and personal financial planning off the family?

Estate Planning

Do you have a will and a living trust?  Do you have a trust for your children with special needs?  Do you have all the appropriate powers-of-attorney?  Have you designated beneficiaries for your IRA and other retirement plans?

Income Tax Planning

Do you have any unusual income this year or next year?  Should you prepay state income tax this year?  If you are self-employed, have you made estimated tax deposits to avoid penalties? 

Insurance (Risk Management)

Have you arranged for life insurance, disability insurance, homeowners and apartment dwellers insurance, car insurance and excess liability insurance (umbrella)?  Do you have adequate coverage?

Investment Planning

Are your investments diversified?  Are you protected against inflation?  Have you looked at your investment portfolio lately?  Should you buy individual stocks and bonds or mutual funds?

Retirement Planning

Are you ready to retire?  Do you have enough money to retire and live the life you want to lead?  How much should you withdraw from your retirement accounts to make the money last?  Have you decided what you're going to do when you retire?  Are you thinking about moving from your present home?




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